How does this site work and other FAQ’s

1. Share your issue details with us.

Enter your issue details on the home page, click next and create a user account (if you have not already registered as a user). Enter as much detail as possible so that the Lawyer has a clear understanding of what you need addressed, don’t worry, if its not clear the Lawyer will ask you for further information.
2. Nominate a fee value on the issue
The base service fee is $55 and will allow you to submit your issue and receive a response, together with clarifying follow up questions and answers if required. If the Lawyer feels that the complexity and time required to address the issue goes beyond the base service fee of $55 they will nominate an alternate fee value for your consideration and acceptance before proceeding any further.
3. Pay a deposit (or not!)
In order to view a Lawyer's response you will need to pay the fee value nominated (or suggested). 


If you do not receive a response to your issue within 48 hours then my law firm admin will automatically refund the payment made to your PayPal account with our apologies that we were unable to assist you at this time.

4. Wait for a Response

There are real people on this site so if your submitting an issue at Midnight please do not expect a reply until the morning. We do operate every day for long periods of time so you will generally get a response within a few hours, please be patient, you will receive an email when your issue has been addressed by our Lawyers.

5. Waiting times for an answer


Normally, you should get an answer within an hour or so of submitting your issue. However, issues submitted late at night and on weekends take longer as there are fewer Lawyers online to respond.



6. What if no one answers your question?


First of all, be patient! Different Lawyers with different expertise log in and out of the site throughout the day and night. If your issue wasn't clear enough you will be asked for further information. If your issue remains unaddressed after 48 hours, we will refund your deposit paid automatically.


7. What do you do if you don't like the response that you get?


There is a difference between a response you don’t like and a legally incorrect response, or even a response you already knew or one that was not that helpful for you. The Lawyers online are trying to sincerely help you, and more often than not they are the bearer of poor or bad news in given situations – its not their intention, they can only share with you the position at law so please, answer their questions and tell them why you don't like their response. They might have misunderstood you and will probably return the favor with a better response.
If the response however is legally correct, regardless of whether you knew the response or not yourself, or if the response did not help improve your situation, than the fee value offered (or suggested) is still payable and no request for a refund will be considered.
We do understand that sometimes you will know the response to the issue submitted, however you submit the issue we suspect to either confirm what you already knew, or to be sure that there was not something else, something missing, some other valuable piece of information or solution that you did not know that will make the experience of asking a Lawyer online all the more worthy. Where this “extra” value could not be offered because the law just does not allow it, and you did not disclose right at the beginning of submitting the issue what you already knew, than if the Lawyer provides a response that is something that your already knew, then just like in a real face to face office or phone call situation, the fee value will be charged.

Above everything else though we do want to satisfy you as a user of this service so please, if you have any questions not answered here –


Other Frequently Asked Questions
Are you really Australian Lawyers Online?
Yes we are, We are an Australian company, with Lawyers online from all around Australia, licensed Legal Practitioners. 
Do I need to register?
Yes, you do in order to ask questions and have them answered – you can use any username you like to protect your identity as well. Contact US at any time if you wish to delete your account off our system
Do you offer a free service?
Sorry, we are not a free service. However when you consider that all of the Lawyers online here charge out at upwards of $360 per hour + GST (some apply this as a minimum charge) and Legal Aid is restricted in its service that it can offer, we believe that the fee you offer to pay for the issues to be addressed, online at your convenience, represents excellent value for money.
                  What are the payment options?

At this stage we accept PayPal only which accepts all major credit and debit cards.





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  • Fees start from as little as $55 inc GST and you will be  value quoted before you choose to proceed with us

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